The Health Benefits of Viking Spas

The Health Benefits of Viking Spas
Helping you to achieve a more enjoyable lifestyle.

What a wonderful feeling to nestle down into your nice, warm, soothing Viking Spa.

The massaging effect of the jets, coupled with the healing properties of hot water, make you want to never leave. Whether alone, with that special someone, or together with family, a Viking spa is a great place to be. Once you begin using a spa ... you’ll find that the best advantage of its use is the way you feel empowered to handle the “daily grind” of a long day.

Backyard family vacations will draw everyone in your home closer together. You’ll sleep better, you’ll feel better and, yes, a spa has also been proven to re-ignite passion that sometimes gets lost in the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle.

A spa will heal body, mind and spirit. Each time you ease into your Viking Spa there will be a quick transformation from stress to peaceful bliss.


It is a sad revelation that the number of people suffering from arthritis continues to increase:

Number of Americans with arthritis or chronic joint symptoms:

1985 - 35 million 1990 - 37.9 million 1998 - nearly 43 million (1 in 6 people) 2006 – 46 million (nearly 1 in 5 adults)


YES, a hot tub is great for many forms of arthritis. Below is link with valuable information found at the Arthritis Foundation's website regarding hot water therapy and water exercise. As always, you should consult with your physician to determine if hot water therapy is right for your particular form of arthritis.


Oh the aches and pains of our daily lives. Whether you feel the "burn" from yesterday's intensive workout or the effects of stubbing your big toe on the bed frame. One thing is for sure, the older you get the longer it takes to heal. It is comforting knowing that the hydrotherapy of a hot tub will be there for you every step of the way.

The first thing you will experience when you climb into your spa is the feeling of weightlessness and the comfort of not being subject to gravity's pull any longer. This new tranquil world allows you to move much more freer and with more ease.

Next, the hydrostatic properties of the water boost blood circulation and breaks down the lactic acids that cause tight muscles.

Now the jets. We haven't even mentioned the jets yet. Where water and air bombard your body and envelope your sore limbs and back. Viking Spa has decades of experience in placing jets exactly where they need to be to provide the most relief. And each spa has multiple offerings of jet configurations so you simply move from seat to seat to benefit from different massages.

Our spas are manufactured with WaterwayTM therapy jets and Executive Series pumps. These industry leading components are perfectly combined to provide optimal pressure. Viking has never believed in using valves to divert water away from seats to other seats in a spa. We have always tried to convince our customers that it is better to turn down pressure than to regret buying a spa that is underpowered. From gentle to intense, the massage of a Viking is unparalleled.


You wake up tired which causes you to be less than productive at work. This of course causes you to worry about what you have to do tomorrow to catch up. Worrying naturally causes you to toss and turn allowing a restless sleep generating a whole new day of "deja vu". It's a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. But how? A hot tubs provides the necessary physiological change to your normal day.

A hot tub relaxes the body which in turn allows the mind to relax as well. Using a hot tub just before bedtime allows the body to relax and the mind to rest.

Stress Therapy

When considering all the ill-effects stress can have on the body, it's nice to know you have an outlet in your hot tub that reduces this very harmful state.

The following diseases and conditions have been associated with stress:

Anxiety disorders, depression, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, certain gastrointestinal diseases, some cancers, and even the process of aging itself. Stress also seems to increase the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, episodes of asthma, and fluctuations of blood sugar in diabetics. There also is scientific evidence showing that people experiencing psychological stress are more prone to developing colds and other infections than their less-stressed peers. -

And of course, where the development of any one of these items leads is certainly not where anyone would want to go.

The regular use of a hot tub draws out stress as the user relaxes and allows the necessary break to put things into perspective. Do I have people who love me? Do I have people who are in my life to help me? A person can better plan out their course of action when the brain is free to see beyond the "here and now". In other words, a hot tub is where you need to go for your "time out". To regroup and plan. After all, everyone needs a time out no matter how old they are.

Family Therapy

The dinner table. A great place to gather the family to discuss the days events.

For many families that have an active social schedule and a day filled with endless sports, piano practices, scouts, rehearsals and the like, dinner is more "on the go". Fast food is just that ... fast ... food. By the time a family comes together they only have a small amount of time just before everyone has to go to bed. Waiting until 9pm to eat dinner just doesn't make sense. So besides gathering around a TV where everyone is programmed to watch rather than relate, there aren't that many opportunities to recapture that valuable family time.

That is until now. You will find that "dragging" together the family is not that difficult when you can gather in a hot tub. Everybody benefits and most importantly everyone sits in an intimate environment in a relaxed way. Tension is gone and finding out how everybody's day went is much more enjoyable. Will the hot tub replace the dinner table as a family gatherer? We at Viking don't believe so, but it does provide a nice alternative to salvage some family time when fast food was your only option that day.

Couple Therapy

It's not called a "rat race" for nothing. Life definitely has it's ups and downs. For most who are lucky enough to have found a partner in life, believe they have found one or hope to find one, the daunting possibility of "strife" is real. Just like life, relationships definitely have their ups and their downs. At Viking, we pose a question: "is it really possible to argue in a hot tub"? After nestling into the warm, soothing waters with that special someone and letting go of all your troubles, what is there to fight about?

With your hot tub, you will find a genuine escape from the day. The ground rules are simple. No talking about finances, family members or what needs to be done. Strip away the burdensome issues and get down to what brought you two together in the first place. Rekindle the romance. After all, it's easier to face the world together rather than apart!

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