The Four Key Components of Any Spa

The Four Key Components of Any Spa
Although not all spas are created equally, it is a fact that all portable spas have four primary components: the shell, the plumbing, the cabinet & the power system. At Viking, we like to think that the greatness of the individual parts is what make the greatness of the whole spa. That is why we focus on using only the best components, made exclusively in the USA to know that our spa will provide the therapy and dependability that customers demand.

The Shell:

Made of a virtually indestructible thermoplastic, our High Density Polyethylene is impervious to delamination seen when acrylic is either backed by fiberglass or a differing material rigidizer like ABS. Blistering or cracking are also not evident in our product. Our revolutionary HDPE shell is to the spa industry what the invention of plastic bottles were to the soda industry. Or for that matter what fiberglass was to the auto industry to prevent rusting in automobiles. Products made with HDPE range from containers to children's toys. HDPE is in virtually every industry because of its durability and value. Therefore, Viking is pleased to be the leading producer of HDPE spas to the spa industry.

The Plumbing:

Viking is proud of its relationship with WaterwayTM. Where many spa manufacturers now use jets manufactured in China that have "similar" design characteristics to WaterwayTM, the simple fact remains that the dependability and quality of WaterwayTM is phenomenal. Working with this leader in the spa industry, Viking has balanced it's plumbing system to provide unrivaled power behind every jet.

The Cabinet:

Our investment into molds and tooling to produce our cabinet panels have given Viking the edge on our competition. No longer reliant on glue and staples to hold together panel boards, our one piece injection molded panel provides years of carefree maintenance.

The Power System:

Once again, Viking has turned to the best power pack provider in our industry, BalboaTM to supply all our power systems. Matched with WaterwayTM Executive Series Pumps, our power system is backed by two of the oldest suppliers in the industry. Longevity breeds quality and care. And that is evident in a complete power system offered in every Viking spa.

Source: Viking Spas

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